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We respect our customer’s and website users’ privacy and understand that the confidentiality of the information provided to us is essential to you. We use the data gathered only to provide you with more information about our quality products and services. Any personal information will be treated following this Policy. Your information is obtained for our internal purposes only and will not be sold or shared with any unaffiliated third party other than as outlined in this Policy.

DFW Premier Limo Services

DFW Premier Limo Services offers luxurious, affordable, and comfortable limo rides. Book your private car services in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. We aim to provide exceptional services and safe rides to all our customers. Find your own luxury car choice and book a ride now, whether you are riding for pleasure or business.

* Reservation Agreement: the undersigned acknowledges and agrees that all rates quoted for services provided by DFW Premier Limo Services are estimates only. Final charges assessed upon service completion will be based on the actual service provided. Prices are subject to change with weather and road conditions without notice.

* Cancelation Policy: cancelations require at least a 24-hour notice for any credit. All reservations are non-refundable. For reservations canceled before 24 hours, a credit will be given along with a code to use for future reservations. Please note that credit is not the same as a refund. Large reservations or 6+ passengers reservations are also non-refundable. Late cancelations and no-shows will be charged at the given rate.

* Exceptions: the undersigned acknowledges and agrees that DFW Premier Limo Services is not responsible for personal property left in the vehicles. The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that DFW Premier Limo Services reserves the right to assess a minimum fee of $200.00 for any necessary cleaning and/or damage to the vehicle beyond normal wear and tear.

DFW Premier Limo Services shall endeavor to maintain the schedule submitted by its customers, but such is not guaranteed. DFW Premier Limo Services is not liable for delays in service, interruptions, or damages caused by acts of God, strikes riots, authorities of law, public enemies, hazards or dangers caused by the state of war, quarantine, perils of navigation, inclement weather, hazardous road conditions, accidents or breakdowns, or any other condition beyond its control.

* Same terms and conditions apply to all phone reservations and online reservations.

* For any prepaid reservation, over the phone or online, 20% gratuity will be added

How do I file a complaint with Transportation Authorities?

City of Dallas
Code Compliance
Dallas, TX 75235
Phone: +1 (214) 670-3161 
Fax: (214) 670-6968

Dallas Call Transportation Regulation at +1 (214) 670-3161 
Love Field Airport Call Love Field Airport Operations at +1 (214) 670-3161 
D/FW Airport Call D/FW Airport Ground Transportation at +1 (214) 670-3161 
Fort Worth Call Fort Worth Transportation at +1 (214) 670-3161 

City of Dallas, The Department of Aviation
Phone: +1 (214) 670-3161 
Fax: (214) 670-6968